How to Descale Your Oven

The oven is a household appliance that needs to be descaled regularly. After a long time of use, scale may appear on the heating plate on the back, which is not easy for us to clean. How should we clean the oven limescale?
For those who are new to the oven, the descaling procedure only requires the following three steps. When all steps have been completed, the oven will be ready for use again.
The first step: descaling (55-70min)
When the descaling message appears on the oven display, it should be cleaned in time.
Drain the water tank and add descaling solution.
Descaling liquid: Mix 400ml of water and calcium descaling tablets (1-2 tablets).
Note: During the descaling procedure, use our recommended liquid descaling solution, other descaling agents may cause damage to the appliance.
Completely fill the water tank with descaling solution.
Note: The descaling solution must not come into contact with control panels etc. to prevent damage to the surface. If this happens, immediately remove the descaling solution with water.
Press the key.
Touch the right arrow repeatedly until Descaling appears.
Press the button to start cleaning.
You can see the remaining duration countdown in the status bar. When the oven descaling time has elapsed, you will hear a beeping sound.
The first step is complete.
The second step: cleaning (two cleaning cycles in total)
When doing oven cleaning, be aware that the oven is locked for other applications until the second cleaning cycle is complete. Only after the second cleaning is completed, the oven will be unlocked again for other applications.
The first cleaning cycle (6-9min).
Open the tank door and remove the tank.
Rinse thoroughly after emptying and refill after adding water.
Close the door and press the button to start.
A beeping signal sounds, once the cleaning cycle is complete.
For the second cleaning cycle, repeat cycle one.
Tip: If you touch the key during a descaling programme, the programme will be interrupted and the appliance will switch off. After reconnecting the appliance, it must be cleaned twice to remove any residual descaling solution from the appliance.
Step: Final Cleaning
After two wash cycles, the appliance will be ready again, and the last thing to do is some finishing touches.
Open the tank door, drain and dry the tank.
Wipe the interior of the cooking compartment and accessories.
Turn off the appliance and the oven descaling is complete.