How to use the electric oven

How to use the electric oven, maybe many people still don't know, how to keep it in good condition and prolong the service life, it takes effort. Here are a few tips on how to use your electric oven:
1. The placement of the electric oven. In fact, there is no need to say more about this. We all know the placement of electrical appliances, and the same is true for electric ovens. It should be placed in a flat and stable place, and it should be ensured that it can be fixed well. Pay attention to the use of the power supply, and the sockets should be corresponding and kept clean.
2. Control the temperature. When using it, you should adjust the cooking time according to the type and weight of the food. Frozen food and lean meat will take a little longer to grill. When baking food, remember to turn it over to let it heat evenly, and don’t use it frequently when the oven is working Open the oven door to avoid heat loss.
3. Pay attention to normal phenomenon and heat insulation. If you are baking food with moisture, water vapor will condense on the oven door; if you are grilling meat, there will be oily smoke coming out, which is a normal phenomenon. However, note that the electric oven will be very hot after work. When taking out the food, you must turn off the power and wear gloves to avoid burning your fingers.
At present, the electric oven has become a necessary cooking tool in many families. The food it makes is not only delicious, but also easy to operate. At home, just follow the simple steps and you can eat the same delicious cakes, barbecues, etc. as in the restaurant. It is precisely because electric ovens bring convenience to people's lives that they are used frequently, so many people worry about the hazards of electric ovens.
    The first is the radiation problem that people are concerned about. In use, the electric oven heats food according to the high temperature generated by the heating of the electric heating element. Although the high temperature generated by the electric oven is generated by radiant heat, the oven has taken measures to prevent radiation, and it produces very little harm to the human body. If there are pregnant women at home, you can wear radiation protection clothing during the use of the electric oven.
   The second is whether the food made by the electric oven has harmful substances. The food that you make at home is basically prepared by yourself from the preparation of materials to maturity, and there are no additives, etc., from this point of view, it is much safer than the food outside. People also like to use electric ovens for barbecues. Although barbecued food contains carcinogens, the food baked in the oven is different from the food grilled with charcoal on the roadside stall. As long as the food is not scorched, the harm to the human body can be ignored. .
   When choosing an electric oven, the most important thing is to choose an oven with guaranteed quality. A regular oven is safe from the selection of heating elements to the production. Don’t choose some inferior ovens for cheapness. After everyone has a certain understanding of the hazards of electric ovens, they can use electric ovens more safely.