How to choose a good electric oven

Usually divided into three-control automatic type (timing, temperature adjustment, power adjustment), temperature control timing type and ordinary simple type. For ordinary families, it is enough to choose the temperature control timing type, because this type has more complete functions and higher cost performance. If you are a family that likes baked food and often needs to use different baking and cooking methods, you can choose a higher-grade three-control automatic type. This kind of product has all kinds of baking functions, but the price is relatively expensive. And for families that are only occasionally baking food, the Regular Easy is an "entry-level" product. It should be noted that although the price of this type of product is relatively cheap, since the temperature and time are manually controlled, the user needs to carefully grasp the baking temperature to avoid the food being "cracked" or over-baking, which affects the taste.
   The capacity of an electric oven generally ranges from 9 liters to 34 liters, so when choosing a capacity specification, you must fully consider the purpose of buying an electric oven. If it is only used to bake bread for a family of three, 9 to 12 liters is enough; if it is to be used for roasting a turkey dinner or holding a barbecue party, it is natural to choose a large-capacity product as much as possible. What needs to be reminded is that the electric oven is not the lower the power, the better. Household electric ovens should generally choose products with more than 1000 watts.
   The electric oven is an electrical appliance with a sudden increase in temperature, so the oven material is required to be thick and safe. Products with high quality oven materials need to use two layers of glass, and the industry's high standard 0.5mm thick cold-rolled plate or stainless steel panel material. There are European A13 quality certification.
   Medium and high-end products should have at least 3 baking pan positions, which can be close to the upper fire, close to the lower fire and located in the middle. In addition, whether the inside of the oven is easy to clean is also the focus of the investigation. Whether the random accessories such as barbecue grills, barbecue trays, pick-up clips, crumb trays, rotary grill components, etc. are fully equipped, whether they are big brands, whether the warranty terms are reasonable, etc. are all at the time of purchase.
   The oven generally cannot adjust the temperature automatically. The temperature regulator of the oven is an automatic switch. When it reaches its set temperature, it will stop working, and it will continue to heat when it is lower than the temperature. If you want to control the temperature, you can only manually turn the switch on and off every few minutes.