The "Inner Beauty" of the Electric Oven

A good electric oven should be well sealed to reduce heat loss. The door of the oven is mostly opened from top to bottom, so it is necessary to carefully test the degree of lubrication of the door. The door of the box should not be too tight, otherwise it is easy to burn people when it is forced to open; it should not be too loose to prevent it from falling off accidentally during use. The more grills and grills inside the electric oven, the better.
    The electric oven is an electrical appliance with a sudden increase in temperature, so the oven material is required to be thick and safe. Products with high quality oven materials need to use two layers of glass, and the industry's high standard 0.5mm thick cold-rolled plate or stainless steel panel material. Medium and high-end products should have at least 3 baking pan positions, which can be close to the upper fire, close to the lower fire and located in the middle. In addition, whether the inside of the oven is easy to clean is also the focus of the investigation.
    The oven generally cannot adjust the temperature automatically. The temperature regulator of the oven is an automatic switch. When it reaches its set temperature, it will stop working, and it will continue to heat when it is lower than the temperature. If you want to control the temperature, you can only manually turn the switch on and off every few minutes.